Laser Genesis

One of the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is currently making her mark in the modeling world. With hundreds of runway shows, AD campaigns, and product endorsements, Kendall Jenner has created an extensive resume at the young age of 20. In a recent article from Life & Style, Jenner admits to suffering from acne, while it is an all too common problem for teenagers, she had the added pressure of being under a heavy spotlight.  

Looking at Kendall Jenner today you would never consider the fact that had acne at any point in her life, so what does she credit her now-flawless skin to?

That’s right, Jenner confirms to Life & Style that her vibrant healthy looking skin can be attributed to Laser Genesis treatments. The treatment works to target: Fine lines, wrinkles, redness, large pores, un-even skin texture, and scars (associated with acne, aging and more.)

Infrared energy penetrates the second layer of skin to stimulate the production of collagen which helps with wrinkles, the heat is also used to reduce redness.

Before and After photos via  RealSelf

Before and After photos via RealSelf

The laser typically requires 4-6 treatments, but each patient and case is different. Here at Kahn Dermatology not only is Laser Genesis one of our most common laser procedures, but we also have other options for resurfacing the skin.

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