What To Do Before You See The Dermatologist


It is clear to see that our skin is the largest organ of the body; this should more than prompt you to take care of it. Remember that dermatologists see patients of all ages, so if you have a concern about anything having to do with your skin don’t be afraid to make an appointment. Kahn Dermatology sees patients for a number of concerns including: medical, surgical, cosmetic, and laser treatments. Finding and preparing for a dermatologist visit can be a bit of work, here are some tips and tricks before making your appointment.


Once you know what the problem is it’s time to find the right provider, research is key. Proximity is not always the best factor when choosing a physician. You want to find a doctor that can provide the best care, if they happen to be close to your home or work then that is an added benefit. Consider using search engines like ZocDoc; try searching for reviews, insurance plans, and schedules.


It is quite common for people to have more than one skin condition. Use the time during your appointment wisely! Make sure to address your more serious concerns with the dermatologist first.

Take Note

Have excessive dry skin in an area, a mole increasing in size or changing color, existing acne getting worse? These are all things you should mention to a dermatologist at your next appointment. Note when exactly the problem began as well as the changing features. Take photos if you find that easier.  This can especially help if your condition has slightly gotten better before your appointment. Eating habits and activities can contribute to skin conditions so be sure to account for that when documenting.

Medications and Products

Always let your dermatologist, or your primary care doctor for that matter know of any medication, topical creams, supplements, etc. that you are currently taking. If it helps get a list together before your appointment.

Mental Prep

Most skin care conditions cannot be solved in a day. Some cases are trial and error, while others might require multiple treatments. Be PATIENT and remember the long term goal of having better healthier skin.


An extremely step before seeing any doctor is checking your health plan information. Find out if you need a referral from your primary care provider, and more importantly see what services are covered under your insurance. Remember to bring your health insurance card(s) and identification the day of your appointment. This way there are no surprises on the day of your appointment

Tip for the Day of Your Appointment: Avoid wearing anything other than your moisturizer or skin care treatment, as much as you’d like to cover up that blemish –
you really want the doctor to be able to treat your skin thoroughly.

Currently Kahn Dermatology is taking appointments for all skin care needs. Contact our Tribeca Office today to book your appointment!